Selecting the right specialty beverage equipment, can be, well a specialty in and of it-self. Good thing you are partnering with Farmer Brothers, and we’re ready to find the right solution to outfit your specialty dispenser needs!

Hot Chocolate and Cappuccino Instant Beverage Dispensers

Instant beverage machines mix a powdered soluble product with hot water in preheated water tanks. Instant cappuccino and hot cocoa dispensers are very popular in the convenience store segment and other self-service venues. Trans lite graphics on these dispensers offer an excellent branding opportunity.

Specialty Dispenser_Capp
Juice Dispensers

Mixing the juice or lemonade product concentrate with water at predetermined ratios. These machines must be installed with access to a local water source connection. Juice dispensers can produce between 120-210 10 oz drinks per hour depending on the model. Equipment is available in two-head and four-head models and can be used in both back-of-house and front-of-house operations.

Specialty Dispenser_Juice

Refrigerated or Frozen Beverage Dispensers

Specialty Dispenser_Frozen_v2

These are most commonly found in convenience stores, cafeterias, and quick-service restaurants and specialty kiosks. These machines generally take premixed or ready-to-serve product and cool or freeze it to beverage specifications. This equipment can be used in front-of -house, full- or self-service operations.