Soar to the Top of the Class with Farmer Brothers

On-campus dining halls, coffee shops, book stores, special events, and staff and faculty lounges – we’ve got something for everyone when it comes to college campuses. We understand the unique needs of campus coffee service, and we make sure we work as closely as possible with you to provide a high-quality experience that will please everyone from freshmen to faculty.

We have everything you need to feed and fuel the hungry minds on your campus. We focus on providing unique and personalized customer service to ensure your needs are not only met, but exceeded. Our high-touch service model means you don’t have a thing to worry about. We stock, clean, inspect, maintain, and repair equipment and product without you having to lift a finger.

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How Does Farmer Brothers’ Coffee Service for Campuses Work?

Our consultants are skilled in creating customized plans to fit your goals of increased revenue and decreased waste. Farmer Brothers’ coffee service for campuses and dining halls feature:

  • Customized service plans designed for the specific size, location, & needs of your campus
  • Installation of attractive & consistently-maintained coffee equipment for dining halls, coffeehouses & other key areas
  • Staff training to create the perfect brew every time
  • Inventory services for restocking, reordering, & rotation of seasonal beverage favorites
  • Branding & marketing designed to encourage school spirit
  • Continual customer support for increasing profits & reducing waste

Diverse Options for a Diverse Setting

Farmer Brothers understands the diversity of a campus. From traditional tastes to those who want something adventurous, we offer every variety of beverage choices.

For the education sector, we recommend our Artisan Collection by Farmer Brothers – a sustainably produced specialty coffee line. The small-batch roast appeals to the palates of staff, faculty, and the millennial generation. This line includes specialty and conventional coffees, with each product produced using 100% renewable electricity credits, reducing our impact on the environment. We also offer campus selections like:

  • A Wide Variety of Culinary Products
  • Hot & Iced Teas
  • Hot Cocoa
  • Juices
  • Premium Specialty Drinks Like Cappuccinos & Espresso Drinks
  • Spices
  • Traditional Coffee

Create a Welcoming Experience for Everyone On Campus

Contact a Farmer Brothers representative today to create a coffee service plan designed to bring the warmth of home to the campus environment.

Ready to get started?

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