At Farmer Brothers we are purveyors of our customers serving a delicious espresso drink. That’s why we’ve paired with industry leading espresso machine companies that offer great quality and stylish machines. There are many options to choose from when choosing to serve espresso, whether it is a simple espresso based drink to a specialty latte, we’ve got the equipment to suit your needs.

One-Step Automatic

These are the simplest espresso machines and require only “push one button” and you are ready to drink. These can distribute coffee based drinks all day with ready to drink coffee made from fresh coffee beans. These are recommended for an office or other self-service stations, as these drinks are distributed one cup at a time for operations that have typically low volume.

Jura XS -90 One Touch

Super Automatic

These espresso machines will take a bit of training and at Farmer Brothers’ we have the right service team to help you out with that. The machine will grind the whole beans, compact the grounds, brew the espresso, foam the milk and discharge the used grounds. Capsules or pods are another alternative, involving individually packaged, ground espresso designed specifically to fit into that machine. Advantages of the pods include ease of use, consistent results, and elimination of grinders and tampers. These are recommended for a restaurant, hotel, fine dining or operations that have low to medium volumes.

Sirio Super Automatic


Espresso machines force water through ground, tamped coffee rather than relying on gravity as other brewers do. Without getting too technical, these machines will need to be operated by a trained staff member. We’ll also suggest a quality grinder as this will be integral to having a delicious espresso or espresso based drink.

Kicco - Traditional