It’s all about the grind. We’ve got a couple of suggestions based on your needs, see the options below to see how your Farmer Brothers Sales Representative can get you back in the grind.

Roast and Ground Grinders

High-volume, back-of-house coffee production is best served with a foodservice grinder. These gravity-fed, pre-calibrated machines allow operators to simply push one button and grind a premeasured portion of coffee using a specific, preset grind profile.


More technical drinks? We’ve got you covered and would suggest our retail grinders, we’ll precaution you though, as these involve greater training and attention, requiring operators to select a grind profile for each use. Although it is not as common to use for foodservice operations, it can offer greater versatility to quickly adjust grinds for different coffees.


Roast and Ground Machines

Espresso Grinders

Properly ground espresso coffee should feel like gritty powder. Good extraction is how you will pull wonderful tasting espresso shots time and time again. To ensure the proper extraction time of 18 to 24 seconds, the grind should be continuously monitored throughout the day. It is recommended that the espresso brew be timed at least twice a day to check whether the grind or other variables need to be adjusted.


Espresso Machines