Spice Up Your BBQ

August 9, 2018

Farmer Brothers SpicesAs consumer interest in Indian, Asian, and Mexican cuisine grows, savvy restaurants are looking to add a twist to traditional barbeque items with spicy meat rubs, aioli’s, and marinades.

Ethnic mashup BBQ combinations as menu items have increased 16% since 2015* and this trend will likely continue to resonate, allowing diners to try several cuisines at once.

A few examples of this trend are combinations such as Texas style BBQ sandwiches paired with a spicy curry aioli and brisket kimchi banh mi.

“The increase in flavors demonstrates that barbecue, which is a very traditional food, is currently experiencing a creative moment across foodservice segments, with chefs blurring the lines of regionalism, international inspiration playing a stronger role and innovation blending with tradition,” says Diana Kelter, foodservice analyst at Mintel International, in Chicago.**

A simple and easy way for chefs to infuse flavor into BBQ and grilled foods is through a spicy rub.  Dry and wet rub blends can be used to boost the flavor of just about any dish you might be cooking up this summer:  burgers, grilled steaks, pork tacos, fish or vegetables.

  • You can leave a dry rub on for as little as 30 minutes and then put it on the grill.
  • A wet rub can marinate for several hours.

A simple all-purpose meat rub will include five to six spices – paprika, black pepper, cumin, ground coriander, and cayenne pepper – mixed with brown sugar, kosher salt, and oil.

Whether it’s a spicy ginger garlic meat rub or Korean kimchi style marinade, Farmer Brothers offers a variety of dry spices  and blends that chefs can use to create their own unique grill flavors.

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*   Mintel Menu Insights 2017; **  Provisioneronline.com

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