Gourmet restaurant coffee service and products, from our house to yours.

We have grown to serve our customer base in the foodservice, hospitality, healthcare, gaming and retail establishments by doing whatever it takes to make every single one of them a success.

Because Farmer Brothers is a national company that grew branch-by-branch and customer-by-customer, each local branch is operated as its own business.

With Farmer Brothers restaurant coffee service, you get all the scalability of a national manufacturer, wholesaler and distributor, located nearby—no matter where you do business in the Continental U.S.

Product and equipment solutions

At Farmer Brothers, we develop a custom coffee and beverage plan just for you. Our products, equipment and restaurant coffee services are customized to meet your exact restaurant needs and specifications. Your local Farmer Brothers Service Technician is just a phone call away to provide support 24/7.

Inventory management and restocking

As your coffee wholesale supplier, we make it as easy as possible to manage your business, profitably. That’s why we manage your inventory from stocking where you want it and in what order, to analyzing the speed at which you use it and developing a re-stock plan.

Marketing support

Farmer Brothers provides more than exceptional coffee and beverage services. We stay on top of trends, and share ideas and insights that help you grow your business. Take a look at our sales-driving programs including our quarterly newsletter, point-of-sale signage, menu boards, window clings, table tents, danglers, airport merchandising, and much more.


Equipment support doesn’t end with the install. Training your team and regularly checking to make sure your restaurant coffee service and tea service is the way it should be every time, ensures costumer satisfaction and repeat business- and decreases the potential for waste and breakdowns.