Through pioneering research and conscientious action, we’re confident that we can be part of meeting the world’s ever-increasing demand for high-quality products purchased through transparent, traceable, and sustainable supply chains.

World Coffee Research (WCR)

Serving at the forefront of developing the WCR, both as a co-founder and decision maker on the board of directors, we intend—through research interventions in origin countries—to discover ways to increase both overall cup quality and available volumes of coffee in both economically and environmentally sustainable ways.

Project Direct™ – Direct Trade Program

Our buyers work directly with growers in pursuit of shared value: the best-quality coffee, produced with consideration of sustainability best practices, at a price intended to support farmers’ cost of goods and investments in coffee growing regions.

Coffeelands Food Security Coalition (CFSC)

The CFSC is a group of coffee companies and NGOs working on a pre-competitive collaboration that aims to develop, enable and disseminate solutions to seasonal hunger in coffee producing countries. Together, we are working to transition farming families from being victims of food insecurity and a system that does not allow them to meet their nutritional needs.  Not only to help feed their families through the creation of income-generating home gardens, but also to create systemic change through civic participation with local and national government institutions.

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