In recognition of its commitment to high quality standards and sustainability, Farmer Brothers roasts coffees that include the following professional certifications:

Fair Trade USA: The coffee products with this certification indicate the coffee has been produced using sustainable agricultural and labor practices. These include wildlife protection, water conservation, community relations, and occupational safety.

USDA Organic: The coffee products with this certification are grown under a set of environmental best practices, including no artificial fertilizers or pesticides, plenty of native habitat and wide buffer zones.

Rainforest Alliance: Buying products with the Rainforest Alliance Certified™ seal helps support the rights and well-being of farm workers, the conservation of natural resources and the protection of wildlife and the environment.

OU Kosher: One of our three roasters is certified by the Orthodox Union Kosher (OU Kosher), an independent verification of purity. Coffees produced at this roaster bear the world’s most recognized and trusted kosher certification symbol.

LEED: Our Portland Facility, Coffee Bean International, is the first roastery in the Northwest to achieve LEED® Silver Certification. This means that our facility is third-party certified for meeting stringent green building and performance standards, including reduced waste sent to landfills, energy and water conservation, and reduced Carbon-dioxide emissions.



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