We Make Hard Work Look Effortless

Farmer Brothers is a full-service office coffee provider, and we understand that your business requires your full attention. That’s why our consultants partner with you to build a worry-free office coffee service program. Our selection of premium coffees and supplies, paired with our high-touch service will keep your business supplied and employees happy.

Our consultants save you time and money by consolidating your coffee, beverage, first aid, supplies, and water filtration services into one convenient service while identifying areas where you can streamline costs and minimize waste.


How Are We More Than Just Office Coffee?

Farmer Brothers goes beyond your typical office coffee delivery program. Our consultants partner with you to provide more than just our products. Our office coffee service includes:

  • Quality hot beverage options, including traditional & artisan coffee blends, specialty coffees in a variety of flavors, individually wrapped hot teas in enticing blends, cappuccino, & hot cocoa options
  • The ability to fully customize options with a wide variety of premium sweeteners and creamers
  • Iced teas, juices, & other premium cold beverages
  • Name-brand equipment
  • Delicious snacks of both healthy & decadent options to revive and energize
  • Filtration & water cooler systems
  • Dining supplies & utensils
  • Cleaning supplies
  • First aid station programs
  • Inventory, restocking, reordering, & rotation of seasonal favorites
  • Maintenance and repair on equipment

Who We Work With

Whatever your business or need, Farmer Brothers has you covered. In addition to carrying our entire line of Farmer Brothers’ brands, we partner with other well-known suppliers to bring you an individualized plan that meets your specific needs. Service includes equipment set up and training and ongoing maintenance so you don’t have to worry about equipment mishaps. Farmer Brothers specializes in supplying office needs for:

  • Break rooms
  • Corporate centers
  • Employee lounges
  • Reception and waiting areas
  • Small offices

Experience High-Quality Service for All Your Business Needs

Learn more about how Farmer Brothers office coffee supplies bring white glove service to any office. Contact a Farmer Brothers representative today. We’re here to help you succeed.

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