Monthly Archives: September 2016

Uganda- Days 4 and 5

September 21, 2016

As another beautiful day begins I recognize that the beauty of what GLC coffee is building in Western Uganda is that their approach to a traceable supply chain is not trying to reinvent how coffee has traditionally been traded here in the region,… READ MORE

Uganda: Day 2 and 3

September 19, 2016

Western Uganda and Uganda in general are reminiscent of American frontier days. Although government is basically non-existent the rule of law is strictly maintained using local communities and connections. Luckily, we are embarking on… READ MORE

Uganda Day 1

September 17, 2016

For this trip Farmer Brothers Sustainability and Green Coffee are teaming up to work directly with growers and cooperatives in Africa to improve supply chain traceability and our direct trade relationships.

Christian and I are coming to … READ MORE