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Brew Your Best!

November 20, 2014

Quick Care Tips for your Brewing Equipment

The team at Farmer Brothers sources and roasts some of the finest coffees and teas in the world but in the end, when it comes to brewing a great cup, it’s the little things at the point of brewing that … READ MORE

Farmer Brothers Guide to Brewing Great Tea

November 14, 2014

teabagFor over 100 years people have enjoyed brewing individual cups of tea using pre-measured tea bags, but don’t let their simplicity fool you into think they’re fool proof. Brewing a great cup of tea still takes know-how and an eye for detail.… READ MORE

A Truly Excellent Cup of Colombian Coffee

November 4, 2014

Carmen_Cecilia_200x200Congratulations to Carmen Cecilia Montoya Patiño, winner of the 2014 Colombian Cup of Excellence! Cup of Excellence competitions, organized by the Alliance for Coffee Excellence and held annually in producing nations, are the most rigorous… READ MORE