Cold Brew Coffee

Cold Brew Coffee in Mason JarStudies show that retail sales of cold brew coffee grew about 460 percent from 2015 to 2017[1] and every year cold brew coffee sales continue to grow at impressive rates. Cold brew is also a very profitable beverage for businesses, making it an excellent addition to your offerings.

However, offering cold brew coffee poses a challenge for foodservice and business operators because brewing is time consuming, space-intensive, and messy. Farmer Brothers provides easy-to-use cold brew solutions for businesses that are effortless and mess-free.

How is it brewed?
Cold brew coffee is steeped in cold water for about 12-24 hours, resulting in a sweeter, smoother, less-acidic, less-bitter, and more caffeinated cup of coffee. This has made it a very popular beverage among millennials and increasingly so among other age groups. However, this is not a practical or scalable method for most foodservice businesses. Learn more about our innovative cold brew methods below.

Making It Easy- Our Cold Brew Solutions

Cold Brew Coffee Dispenser

Bag-in-Box Cold Brew

With the bag-in-box method, our cold brew coffee is already brewed and ready to be placed in the dispensing machine. The dispenser takes care of everything for you and also includes an option for nitrogen-infused cold brew, creating an even trendier craft beverage that has a creamy texture and stout-like appearance.

The advantages of cold brew bag-in-box:

•  No mess
•  No preparation needed – coffee comes ready to place into the dispenser
•  Nitrogen-infused cold brew option – You can choose either nitro cold brew or nitrogen-infused cold brew
•  Longer shelf life- Once opened, the bag-in-box cold brew has a shelf life of 30 days with refrigeration.

Cold Brew Coffee Concentrate

Cold Brew Coffee ConcentrateA case of cold brew hand-mix concentrate allows you to produce a larger volume of cold brew and mix to your own specifications. This hand-mix method allows operators to realize a higher yield and is a great fit for high-traffic restaurants and hotels.

The advantages of using a hand-mix concentrate:

•  No mess
•  Easy to prepare
•  Higher yield
•  Create your own custom coffee blends

Artisan Collection Filter Packs

Cold Brew CoffeeWith our sustainably-produced Artisan Collection and innovative filter packs, you can easily brew your own high quality, artisanal cold brew on site. Learn more about our easy and mess-free Artisan Collection Cold Brew filter pack brewing method here.

The advantages of Artisan Collection filter packs and our innovative cold brew system:

•  Our easy brewing method means very little effort and minimal waste, compared to other in-house cold brew methods. 
•  Complete control over entire brewing process. 
•  Ability to create custom blends

If you’re interested in this solution for your business, browse the collection’s products below or contact us for a consultation.

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Which Cold Brew Solution is Right for My Business?

When it comes to choosing the right cold brew solution for your business, you should consider both the format of the product, whether bag-in-box, hand-mix concentrate, or in-house brewing, as well as the blend that complements your menu. We now offer bag-in-box and concentrates in our most popular coffee collections, including:

Artisan Collection

Artisan Collection cold brew is a great fit for higher-end restaurants and businesses with organic, farm-to-table, and sustainably-produced offerings.

Available as Bag-in-box, Hand-Mix Concentrate, and Filter Packs for in-house brewing


Known for its high quality and scalability, this direct-trade coffee collection is a great fit for a wide variety of businesses. A flavor profile with hints of toasted nuts and sweet berry notes sets Metropolitan apart.

Available as Bag-in-box and Hand-mix Concentrate

Farmer Brothers Coffee

If you like classic Farmer Brothers coffee, you should try Farmer Brothers cold brew coffee. Its rich chocolate and caramel notes are sure to be a hit with your customers!

Available as Bag-in-box and Hand-mix Concentrate

Superior Coffee

This time-tested classic, now in cold brew form, is a great fit for many businesses. Dark chocolate flavors with sweet caramel notes make this cold brew a big crowd-pleaser.

Available as Bag-in-box

Private Labeling

We also offer private label or white label cold brew coffee. Choose from three quality coffee tiers and brand your blend for your business.  Learn more here about Farmer Brothers Private Label programs.

Available as Bag-in-box

How Do I Get Started?

Contact a Farmer Brothers representative and tell them about your business. We’ll work with you to set up a program that’s right for your needs. 

If you’re a current customer and are looking to add cold brew to existing offerings, contact your local representative or give us a call at 888-471-5804.

Order product- If you find a program that works for you, go ahead and order your first shipment (which includes the equipment/dispenser if applicable).

Ready to get started?

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1 The source for these studies can be found here:

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