Meet Molly Laverty, Farmer Brothers Director of Sustainability

August 21, 2014

Roasting coffee is a complex business, with hundreds of individuals involved in the entire process that brings a finished cup to the table. In addition to sourcing and roasting it is important that we ensure our actions, from farm to cup, contribute to the social, environmental and economic development (SEED) of our business and our partner coffee farmers. As our Director of Sustainability Molly works closely with coffee farmers at origin and across the Farmer Brothers organization to ensure all roasting plants, distribution centers and branch offices are committed to strategically managing our environmental impact.

Molly has been with Farmer Brothers since 2010 and has been critical in developing direct trade verified sustainable programs and growing the overall portfolio of responsibly sourced coffees.  She is Q-certified, an SCAA certified instructor, an active SCAA volunteer, and an elected member of SCAA Sustainability Council.