Modernizing Trucks for the Long Haul

September 24, 2013

Imagine an aerodynamic tractor-trailer equippedwith the kind of side fairings seen on high-performance racecars. It’s not the delivery truck of the future. It’s the type of green innovation we’re bringing to our fleet right now, in the form of sleek trailer skirts that reduce drag, improve gas mileage and result in 7% fuel savings per year.

We’ve made less visible improvements, too. Under the hood of every tractor, you’ll find a Certified Clean Idle engine that virtually eliminates carbon exhaust. And to make truck idling a thing of the past, we’ve also installed hybrid electric-diesel Auxiliary Power Units (APUs) for our trucks’ sleeper berths, so drivers can get a good night’s rest without running their engines. These innovations lead to savings of approximately 50,000 gallons of fuel per year, which is equivalent to 96 vehicles, 1,075 oil barrels and 69 homes.

This focus on eco-friendly trucking has rubbed off on our drivers, too. They’re committed to energy efficiency, and they’re modeling this behavior for their peers. With their energetic participation, it’s easier for a large company like ours to collectively do the right thing—and to green our fleet a whole lot faster.