How can we make sure we’re sourcing responsibly?

May 20, 2014

Farmer Brothers is committed to helping our grower partners build better futures while also offering our customers a complete array of responsibly grown, ethically traded products. That’s why we take a truly holistic approach to addressing the environmental issues, social injustices, and economic risks we see in our supply chain.

Rather than focusing on a limited set of standards for social, environmental, and economic sustainability, we maintain a comprehensive portfolio of certifications and verifications. This ensures that we’re supporting the very best practices in coffee farming and carefully measuring our impact while also giving our customers more purchasing flexibility.

Certifications are really just the beginning. Our direct trade relationships allow us to make a real difference in local farming regions and to see the results of our investments first-hand. To take our commitment to impact measurement even further, we’re partnering with the Committee on Sustainability Assessment to collect baseline data on coffee growers in several communities in Colombia, and we’re implementing technical assistance and capacity-building programs based on that data. We’ll then monitor and evaluate the social, environmental, and economic impact of our interventions. With this data-driven action and assessment, we can see exactly how well our interventions and support programs are working—so we can identify new opportunities to make coffee more sustainable.