Five Tips For Cleaning Your Coffee Brewer

March 14, 2019

We’ve discussed some tips to ensure you’re brewing a consistently great cup of coffee. And the last, but by far NOT the least tip, was to maintain and clean your equipment.

Your Farmer Brothers Route Sales Rep (RSR) regularly checks your coffee brewing equipment. But in between those visits, are you doing the easy, daily tasks that help ensure your customers are getting a rich, flavorful cup of coffee?

This month let’s look at our top five recommendations for helping to keep your coffee brewing equipment in good condition.

  1. Clean your brew basket(s) daily. As you brew coffee throughout the day the oils from your coffee grounds can leave residue in the basket – affecting the taste of the coffee.  You can easily avoid this by rinsing your brew basket frequently throughout the day.  And at the end of each day clean your brew basket with a mild detergent solution, using a soft-bristled brush for hard to clean areas. Rinse it well with clean water and dry it.

  1. Wipe the spray head with a clean, damp cloth in between brewing pots of coffee. This will help avoid build-up in the spray head that could results in poorly extracted coffee.You can clean your spray head each day, by removing it from the brewer, soaking it in urn cleaner for about 5 minutes, then thoroughly rinse and dry it.

  1. Clean your glass coffee pots daily. By making it a habit to do this, you can be sure that you don’t leave any coffee in the pots to dry out overnight. Simply soak your coffee pots in urn cleaner, rinse and dry thoroughly.You may want to use a soft brush to thoroughly clean any stains from inside the pot.

  1. Check the water temperature of your coffee brewer. Water should be at least 200º Fahrenheit. If you notice the water is too hot or too cold, your Farmer Brothers rep can help you adjust the brewing temperature.

  1. Finally, be sure to clean the brewer, warming plate and surrounding area. This will help you make sure that the warming plates are working correctly, and that no debris or stray coffee grounds get in the way as you are brewing fresh coffee for your customers.

Of course, different brewing equipment may have specific instructions for cleaning and maintaining your equipment. And, if you are using filtered water, you will want to check that consistently to ensure it isn’t leaking, clogged or otherwise malfunctioning.

And, of course, if you have any questions talk to your Farmer Brothers Route Sales Rep when he is delivering your order. Our reps are trained to help you clean and maintain your equipment to ensure you’re brewing a great cup of coffee every time!

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