Easy Coffee & Food Pairings

November 9, 2018

Coffee is great alongside your morning muffin, but it’s also great when you think beyond breakfast. Solo no more, coffee can be much more than your morning pick-me-up. Much like wine, coffee does wonders when paired with a variety of food.
There’s really no hard-and-fast rule for pairing coffee with foods. Often, it’s a matter of preference. When creating your own food and coffee pairings, identify the dominant flavor notes in your favorite food and match it with coffee that has similar flavors. If you taste an entrée or dessert with a certain coffee and enjoy the way they taste together, you probably have a good pairing.
Whether it’s savory, sweet, or spicy, a heavy meal or a light snack. . . coffee is a natural complement to any meal.
Here are a few examples of coffee pairings that your customers will love for breakfast, lunch, dinner and dessert.Coffee-Breakfast pairings
Breakfast:  Breakfast typically breaks down into two categories – savory and sweet. These breakfast coffee pairings will work with the basics and beyond.
Lunch and Dinner:  Coffee and Dinner PairingsLunch and dinner can encompass a wide range of foods. From soup and salad to a monster burger, these coffee and food pairings will work well together.
Desserts:  Coffee-Dessert PairingsWe haven’t forgotten dessert. From chocolate to fruit, these pairings are sure to please.
There are endless possibilities when it comes to finding your favorite coffee and food pairings, so don’t be afraid to experiment. Or, get your customers involved by creating a tasting menu with different bite-size samples and shots of coffee.
And, to appeal to your customer’s tastes, make sure you have flavored coffee options available, in addition to regular specialty coffee and decaf coffee blends.

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