Add Some Flavor to Your Summer with Flavored Iced Teas

July 3, 2018

According to recent studies, customers, especially millennials are gravitating towards natural beverages, like iced tea.1  In addition, the availability of specific flavors influence tea ordering decisions in restaurants.2

Information presented at the BevNet Live Winter Conference indicates that these natural beverage drinkers tend to be:

Trending flavors include raspberry, sweet, green and peach iced tea– Young singles and couples, under 35

– Multi-cultural, non-Caucasian

– College graduates

If you are looking to appeal to these customers, it’s suggested that you offer a variety of natural beverages, like iced tea and include a selection of flavors beyond just traditional black and sweetened tea.

Iced tea for foodservice is available in plenty of flavors.  Most of these are black tea based, a blend from leaves from countries like Argentina, China, Vietnam, and/or India.  Additionally, herbal iced teas and flavored green iced teas are showing up on more and more menus.  Herbal ice teas don’t contain any caffeine, so these are great options for customers avoiding that stimulant.  In place of tea leaves, herbal can be made from ingredients like hibiscus, orange peel, herbs and spices.

Flavored iced tea from your beverage distributor offers a consistent taste profile that your “regulars” expect.   Fresh brewed flavored blends like Raspberry and Peach require no prep, no labor – just place the tea in the filter basket and press “Brew” – it couldn’t be easier.

Another great option is to use a “fruit-first” concentrate from brands like Monin or DaVinci to create unique flavored iced teas. This gives you the flexibility to combine flavors and develop a signature iced tea or iced tea based cocktail that is unique to your restaurant.  Dozens of options exist – think Blood Orange, Passion Fruit or Yuzu – and you’ll be thinking like those thirsty millennial customers in no time!

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Sources:   1. Mintel, July 2014 Tea and RTD Tea Report; 2. Tea Packaging Facts 2014; 3. The Package Facts, March 2014

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