Brew Your Best!

November 20, 2014

Quick Care Tips for your Brewing Equipment

The team at Farmer Brothers sources and roasts some of the finest coffees and teas in the world but in the end, when it comes to brewing a great cup, it’s the little things at the point of brewing that make all the difference. Keep your coffee and tea tasting great by taking care of your equipment with these quick tips:

• If you grind your own beans, be sure to keep your grinder clean and always verify the settings before you grind.
• Measure your coffee by volume or preferably by weight to be sure you’ve always got the right amount of beans for your brew.
• Regularly clean the decanter your coffee and tea brews into.
• Check your basket regularly to make sure that it is free of coffee residue.
• Wipe down the inside lid of your brewer after each brewing cycle.
• Change the water filter promptly at the intervals indicated on the packaging.
• Keep perishable coffee and tea tasting fresh by properly rotating your stock and using a first in/first out system.

Of course, our Farmer Brothers service team is always available to perform preventative maintenance and cup quality checks at regular intervals, and we’re here to answer any questions or provide additional support to help you brew your best!


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2 Responses to “Brew Your Best!”

  1. Steve

    Hello coffee beans,
    I work at the San Diego Zoo and the coffee (Farmer Bros.) from the restaurants and stands is damn near a perfect cup every time. I’m not sure I’ve tasted its equal.
    However when the supervisors of my dept. make it, it tastes like a 9v battery. Like a 9v battery powered by sorrow, remorse and grief. As though the 4 Horsemen of the Apocalypse mated with Eeyore and took that abomination and ground it up with motor oil and put it though a coffee maker.
    What could be some of the causes of this travesty?
    The Buildings and Grounds Dept.

    • desireewhitten

      Oh, that sounds like a bad cup of coffee! There could be several reasons, from the type of water to a dirty machine. If you can give me your name and phone number, I will have our local rep call you and help resolve the issue. You can reply to:

      Thanks, and have a great day, keeping all your animals safe and healthy! We appreciate your work!


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