A Truly Excellent Cup of Colombian Coffee

November 4, 2014

Carmen_Cecilia_200x200Congratulations to Carmen Cecilia Montoya Patiño, winner of the 2014 Colombian Cup of Excellence! Cup of Excellence competitions, organized by the Alliance for Coffee Excellence and held annually in producing nations, are the most rigorous coffee evaluation competitions in the entire industry. Thousands of coffees are evaluated and tasted but Carmen’s was the best, scoring 91.3 points from the international panel of judges.

Carmen is a member of the Salgar Cooperative in Colombia, which is a direct trade partner for Farmer Brothers. Her fellow cooperative member Pablo Emilio Montoya Caro took third place with four other members of the Salgar Cooperative finishing in the top 15. The Salgar Cooperative is just one of many grower groups throughout coffee growing regions that Farmer Brothers engages with to promote positive cultivation practices and provide a marketplace so that family coffee farms can thrive. The benefits of such collaborations are clearly evident with the outstanding performance of the Salgar Cooperative at this year’s competition.

Aside from giving farmers an opportunity to have their coffees rigorously evaluated and offering a friendly competition amongst farmers the Cup of Excellence also holds an auction of winning coffee lots, allowing roasters access to these celebrated beans and providing the winning farmers with a premium price for their crop.


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